Honors English presents projects

By: Dino Odobasic

Sophomores have been working on projects for Honors English 10. At the conclusion of their explorations, they write about their discoveries and make a presentation in front of the class to their teacher and classmates.

Sophomore Josh Post has selected a topic that he thinks will be fun to present to the whole class, all while learning something new for himself.

“I chose to learn about fixing and maintaining cars,” he said. He learned about maintaining and fixing cars whether it be a small fix like jump starting when a battery dies or something a little more complicated like replacing brake fluid.

“Every student chose to write about something that they found interesting and that they think will get them that A in class,” Post said. “I think this topic for my project is going to be really fun, and I hope to ace it.”

While some students chose to talk about fixing things, there are some students that chose to write about things that they are passionate about.

Sophomore Samin Khan’s project is about “photography and making poems about the pics that were taken,” Khan said. The main reason for Khan’s topic choice isn’t just because he thinks it is going to be easy. He chose it because, “It helps me capture moments in my life that I want to remember and relive,” he said. “I figured this topic would be fun and that is will come in handy later on in life.”

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