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All of us are going to be out of high school at one point or another, which means that we should all take some time on considering what exactly we want to do after we graduate. For many of us, it’s attending university or college. However, students making the decision to continue their educations should expect a huge amount of pressure from both the schools and the adults around them.

For starters, the average tuition to go to an in state college in 2014 is about $8,893, which pales in comparison to the average tuition of $30,094 to attend a private college. It would take working 19 hours a week at minimum wage for a year in order to pay for this school tuition at a state school. That does not include room, board, books or money for the other concerns of life.

Many adults may not understand just how tired students feel about paying for their tuition since back in 1970s, the average tuition for an undergraduate school was about $2,350, meaning that teenagers back then had to work for a significantly less amount of time to pay for school. Yet adults still seem to criticize this generation of teenagers as lazy.

Another stressful part about the college process is deciding what to major in or what career to have when finished with school. Several students already know what they want to do for their futures, but the same thing definitely can’t be said for others.

Deciding what to do for the rest of life is obviously a process that takes time for many, and rushing teenagers while they try to decide only makes the process more difficult for them. They might feel so rushed that they’ll end up picking a career pathway that they don’t really enjoy because they didn’t consider their interests.

All we’re asking from some adults is to go a little easier on us when we’re applying for colleges. We’re just about to enter a whole new chapter of our lives, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to adjust to.

We’d definitely appreciate some support and sympathy from you, but in the end, this is something that we should all be able to handle on our own like the adults we are growing into.

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