Parity in Parking: Staff, set our parking spots free

Our View:

This fall, the team effort of Cedar Falls High School has been shining through a number of events. From sports to robotics to music performances to artistic creations to the food drive, CF pulls together to show it’s best side. So, while the spirit of togetherness is reigning, let’s address an ongoing issue to add to the harmony.

The staff parking lot is designated for only the staff that work in Cedar Falls High School, but if we take a look at it, we will notice many empty spaces at any given time.

One of the the reasons for all of those empty spaces is because some of the staff will park elsewhere.

What doesn’t make much sense is that when staff park in the choicest parking spots available for students, they will not receive tickets, but as soon as students park in the empty slots in the staff parking lot, they are risking a $25 ticket.

Since the school has made a parking lot specifically for the staff to park in, then the staff should be obligated to park in it. In fact, they should be forced to move their cars back into the staff parking lot and receive a ticket for occupying a choice space out on Division.

It’s not like the staff parking lot is far away from the school either. It’s literally right next to the school, a minute walk from the lot to the door leading into the school.

When a staff member parks somewhere in front of the school, he or she is taking up a space for a student to park, and it’s not like that student can just go park in the staff parking lot without getting a ticket, so the student is resigned to the five-minute hike in the soon-to-be wintery cold after taking a spot blocks away from the high school.

We are all in this together, so, staff, please have a little pity on us. Give us our parking spots back. Keep the spirit of togetherness strong.

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