Long after graduation, Seniors relish the red and white

After finishing their finals, putting on their caps and gowns and receiving their diplomas, some seniors are back to show off their Tiger red and black colors as they compete for team wins for the school they just left. Even with being done with high school, some students are still competing in the high-school sports to finish out their senior year seasons. However, it’s very different, for now they are graduated and are on their summer break without having to worry about their grades.

Track and field and soccer are just ending, and baseball and softball just starting to pick up their seasons, with more and more senior athletes are coming back to participate.

With track having state today, it can be a little shocking for its seniors to still have intense Tiger connections, including plenty of workouts to prepare. Senior Kaz Brown said, “We’ve been starting practices at 6:30 a.m. It’s pretty weird being out of school and still going to practice.”

It’s much the same for senior Jessica Hinz and soccer. “Practice is at 3:45, but we only have one left and three games left. It isn’t too bad because I usually just sleep and then go to soccer.”

But some are just beginning. Senior Alyssa Aikey is anticipating a season of softball. “It’s weird being out of high school and playing. I feel old compared to most girls, and I have a lot more free time compared to them.”

Though it may be strange having graduated and still coming back every day to see old classmates and coaches, none of the senior girls would change a thing. In fact, all three recommend going out for senior year even if it goes into summer vacation.

Aikey tells others to “play your heart out, step up on the field and do anything you can. Go out with a positive mindset and know that when you step off the field you did all you could.”

Heinz’s advice is to just “go out and have fun. It’s your last year.”

All and all, the ladies recommend putting one’s best forward and trying something new as a great way to finish out the senior year and make fond and new memories for a lifetime.


Senior Kaz Brown serving back in her senior Volleyball season.

“I think if you’re still in high school, you should definitely go out for a sport. Being a part of a team is something really special, and you build a lot of new friendships,” Brown said.

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