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This is the year of changes. We now have eight periods, Chromebooks, academic zones and small study halls, and the data from the fall semester shows some of these changes may be paying off. During the fall semester of 2012 there were 173 F’s in the four core subjects: math, social studies, science and English. However, with the help of our new academic zones, small study halls and other teacher intervention plans, the number of F’s given during the 2013 fall semester was 116. That’s 57, or one third, less than 2012’s fall semester.

The success of this improvement is shared by both students and teachers. The teachers have done a fantastic job of helping any student that makes the effort of coming in for a little extra assistance on parts of a class that he or she doesn’t understand. It’s a win-win situation.

Last semester there were over 438 referrals to the small study halls; however, students can be referred multiple times, so that doesn’t mean that 438 students were referred to the smalls study halls.

Like the smalls study halls, the academic zone was an equal success with students dropping in for a little extra help over 1,000 times during the course of last semester.

While each of the four subjects had good success, it was the social studies department that had the most improvement from the 2012 fall semester’s 50 F’s to this past 2013 fall semester’s 22. That’s over a 50 percent improvement.

As Principal Dr. Rich Powers said, “Everyone is capable of achieving at a successful level. [With these current programs] students get support when they need it.”


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