Craft sale opens Saturday

Those who are looking for homemade gifts should stop by Cedar Falls High School on Nov. 23 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and check out the crafts that CFHS students have made. The students in special needs teacher Tammy Frahm’s class are working on making many different things for the sale such as holiday bricks, jewelry, baked goods, cards, ornaments and much more to sell at the craft sale.

These crafts sell from $1 to $10. Parents also donate some baked goods and crafts.

“I enjoy watching the students when someone purchases an item they have made. They are always excited when someone shows in an interest in what they have done,” Frahm said.

The craft sale allows students to work social skills, money skills and work skills. “This sale gives the students the opportunity to practice these skills in a natural environment with unknown people,” Frahm said.

This will be Frahm’s fifth year doing the craft sale with her students. Frahm tries to take her students on about one field trip each month. This craft sale will help them raise money for some of their field trips they are going on.

Some field trips that they will be going on are the Gallagher Bluedorn, bowling and the museum. The have also purchased iPads and class switches, which are buttons that someone could talk into and give to the parent of a student to tell them what they did all day.


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