Food Drive 5K set for Sunday

Event set for Pfeiffer Park needs just jar of peanut butter or $5 to enter

One of the many events planned for the Student Food Drive is the 5K that Senior Leadership has planned for Oct. 20, which is this Sunday.

The group also has a student vs. staff volleyball game planned for next month. All of the class leadership groups are planning a school sponsored tailgating event for the Oct. 24 game against Dubuque Hempstead, which also happens to be the last game of the season before the state tournament starts.

Business teacher Julie Cuvelier supervises the Senior Leadership group and also contributes ideas.

“One of my favorite parts of participating is the thought that we are helping some of our neighbors. Hunger is present in our school district at all levels. Statistically, one in five children are hungry. I think it is time to get past the idea that this is a problem across seas. It is our neighbors. It is a type of hunger that most can not imagine. Feeling low energy and hungry all the time. It is a year-long problem that needs a year long solution. I am thrilled that students take the time at Cedar Falls High School to raise awareness and to raise money and food donations in order to aid others in our community,” Cuvelier said.

To participate in the 5K, which is at 3 p.m. and at Pfeiffer Park, the runner needs to bring one jar of peanut butter or $5. Any donations will help CFHS, the Northeast Iowa Food Bank and the community.

“The 5K was an idea by Senior Leadership members for an activity. Our goal was to not only show our support by racing but also to provide a race for a donation. We wanted to keep it simple. This race does not have a large registration fee. The race will invite all community members to participate and with a low fee to race we hope to inspire many to participate. We are running for a cause, so medals are not needed.”

The people who will be running in the race also feel that this race is not for competition, but to help out the community that gave them so much. Hiram Marquez, a junior, will be participating in the race.

“I like to know that I am helping people in my community. It’s nice to be in a race not for time, but for a cause,” Marquez said. “It gives me a nice feeling to know that I am helping to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Don’t forget about the seniors that helped to organize the event, though. Senior Megan Tucker is working “behind the scenes” at the event, but still played a role in planning the run.

“What’s great about the 5K is that people throughout the community can get involved, not just CFHS students. We have a really big running community in Cedar Falls, and they can help a lot with these kinds of events,” Tucker said. “It is important to help the community because they are the people that we reside with. I believe that if we are able to help other in any way, we should.”

To find out more details about the 5K, contact Cuvelier at

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