Adopted senior finds her biological family

For her whole life, senior Nicole Jeffrey, has known she was adopted. She always felt the desire to know who her biological family was. Finally, this year, she was able to find her biological family through Facebook. Jeffrey has already started to grow close to her new found family.

Senior Nicole Jeffrey is with her adoptive parents Diane and Jim Jeffrey. She plans to meet her biological sister, Morgan, this summer. (Submitted photo)

Jeffrey was told she was adopted at a very young age. Even though she isn’t related by blood, she feels especially close with her adoptive family. “It’s never made me feel disconnected with my adoptive family or any less loved by them. I’ve just always been curious of my biological family,” Jeffrey said.

Using a few different resources, Jeffrey was able to find her biological family. She searched their names on Facebook and there they were. “I went through my adoption papers and found the names of my biological relatives and cities they lived in. I searched their names and locations and found my older biological brother first who wasn’t put up for adoption. Through him I found my biological mom, dad and several aunts and uncles. I found my younger biological sister through the adoption agency since she was also put up for adoption,” Jeffrey said.

Finding her biological family has impacted Jeffrey deeply. “It was a life changing moment for me to find my biological family and see pictures of them. For the first time in my life I found out who I look like in my biological family,” Jeffrey said.

When Jeffrey found her younger sister, she was shocked by the resemblance between them. “ I’ve never had that sense of similarity in my adoptive family since I look nothing like them, and it was incredible to see how similar I am to my biological siblings and especially my little sister,” Jeffrey said.

Reunited with her new family, Jeffrey can’t wait for the things to come. “I’m so happy I finally found them because I’ve always wondered about who they were as individuals and what they looked like. I feel as if I’ve opened a door into a life I never really knew I had. This summer I get to meet them in person and I cannot wait,” Jeffrey said.

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