Blogging sites dominate our lives

Hannah Roethler/Staff Writer

Walking the halls here at Cedar Falls High School, a lot of the time I hear people talking about Tumblr or Pinterest. What is this obsession with these two blogging websites? Some people plan their future house or wedding on Pinterest, while others just look for photography on Tumblr. Personally, I would choose Tumblr over Pinterest every single day of the week, but that’s because I like the random photography I find on there more than the simple life things posted on Pinterest. I don’t go home and do my homework right away. I get home and check to see if there are any good posts on Tumblr, and I feel like that’s the same thing most of us do.

I remember the days when we would go hang out with friends after school or do chores, but now it seems like everyone runs to a computer the second they walk into their houses after being gone. With Internet phones, it’s easier to check these websites, which makes it easier to always be on them. I know I have Tumblr and Pinterest on my phone, and I know I use them more throughout the day than I really should. I can’t even make it through the school day without checking either Tumblr or Pinterest, and, honestly, I don’t think it’s healthy.

Even before Tumblr and Pinterest came along, we all were spending way too much of our time on Facebook and Twitter, but the time online has increased greatly since we have started using Tumblr and Pinterest. The never-ending pages that these sites use help us spend more of our time on them because with most sites you can just say, “Oh, I’ll be done when I hit the bottom of this page.” That isn’t an option on these pages. They have set it up so that the page never ends and you just keep scrolling and scrolling. Five minutes turns into an hour, and you don’t even realize it.

No matter what website you prefer over the others, these blogging sites are starting to take over our lives. It’s not only the students that have become addicted, but parents and teachers have also been getting caught up with these blogging sites.

A part of me wishes that we could all just put the phones away and not get on the computer for just one day, but I know that with the way technology is advancing, there isn’t a good chance that this will ever happen. I know that Tumblr and Pinterest won’t be the last hit websites on the Internet, and I know that more and more time will be wasted using sites like these.

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