Benefits for all, not only for some

Lucas Hamilton/Entertainment Editor

There is a great debate that doesn’t want to end. The struggle for equality among races and genders. We tend to hear more about the struggles of minorities and women in particular.

Both are wonderful movements and should continue their work, but why do the white males get left behind? Everybody has a period of serious struggle, and white males are not exempt. Trying to find a way through an expensive college program in order to pursue a dream is no easy task. But more and more, scholarships forget that. Scholarships tend to set their focus on the underprivileged or need-based applicants. In an effort to close the gender gap, there are scholarships designed specifically for only women applicants as well. Why is the man in the middle so easily forgotten?

In no way should the perils of the poor and needy be belittled, but in assessing the needs of everyone, those stuck in the middle need consideration as well. As I search for scholarship opportunities to help ease the financial strain of college, I am always reminded that being a white guy limits chances and eligibility. I’ve stumbled across plenty of wonderful scholarships that could have been a real opportunity to earn some money, only to have those hopes swept under the rug by an eligibility rule based on gender or race. Most of these rules limit the scholarships to a certain ethnicity or women. I would actually be surprised if there was a scholarship in which only white males were allowed to apply. Even scholarships that are specifically for Boy Scouts are a compromise for white males. Women can still apply for them because (brace yourself) girls can be in Boy Scouts.

In our unending quest of finding a level of equality in education, jobs and opportunities, it seems males are, in general, being beaten out by many women. More women are receiving college degrees and in turn, more jobs. There are more stay-at-home dads. The gender roles have been shifting rapidly as more women want to learn and apply their knowledge into the workforce. This is no bad thing. Society needs to realize that anyone can do anything. Unfortunately, by trying to kick start that belief, the average white guy has been left behind at the boarding station while trying to run after a speeding train of opportunity.

Class of 2014

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