Newest networking site offers financial benefits

Chandal Geerdes/News Editor

One of the newest social networking sites to hit our smartphones not only allows students to check in with friends, but allows them to save cash.

Foursquare, a site based on the principle of “exploring the world,” allows students to check-in to the locations they visit. In doing so, students can meet up with friends, discover new places, and most importantly, save money.

Businesses offer rewards for “checking-in,” in the form of exclusive coupons, promotions and discounts.

Frequent users can even be deemed “mayor” if they have successfully checked in the most times.

“Being mayor can result in getting more badges and in some places, discounts and coupons,” said senior Braden Cervetti, who once received 30% off at Express after checking in.

Foursquare offers over a billion check-ins, and millions are added everyday.

Even local businesses such as the Cedar Falls Receration Center, Famous Daves, Blain’s Farm and Fleet, the Pretzel Maker in the College Square Mall, and Scratch Bakery have check-ins where you can receive promotions and discounts.

Co-founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai built the the first version of Foursquare in fall 2008, but since the launch in 2009, the site’s membership has risen to over 10 million people.

Senior Maddie Gary said she likes the competitive atmosphere of the site.

“People are always wanting to go to new places to receive more points and become the top leader board,” Gary said.

Only after four months Gary is the mayor of her house, a couple of her friends’ houses, Cedar Falls High School, St. Patrick’s Church, Yogurt Pro, and The Other Place on University.

Through being mayor Gary has received discounts on goods and clothes.

“It was really cool because I didn’t even have to do anything for the discount,” Gary said.

Gary even expressed that some places will even donate to certain organizations if people check in at their business and she’s helped with that as well.

However, one thing Gary dislikes about the site is getting friend request from people she doesn’t know.

“They’ll know where I am when I check in and that freaks me out,” Gary said.

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