New gym floor, setter have volleyball team amped up

Lindsey Davis/Staff Writer

After a summer of dust, noisy jackhammers and inconveniences, the new gym floor is finally complete. Since construction started last school year and continued well into August, expectations for its completion were high. Many volleyball players can attest that the new floor is everything they hoped for.

“The floor looks pretty sweet and is a lot nicer to dive on for volleyball because there is no more wax flaking up and making it look disgusting,” junior Miranda Dusenberry said.
Not only is the floor more appealing, it also allows practices to resume again in the gym. Throughout the summer, volleyball girls played at Holmes Junior High as the floor was built. The cramped space was shared between the varsity, JV, sophomore and Holmes freshman teams. Players had a rough time practicing with very little room for serving and court lines practically adjacent to the gym walls, throwing off their depth perception.

Despite the pains caused by the closed high school gym, the volleyball squad has persevered. “We’ve been playing really well together and have done pretty good so far this year. I think we can go a long way if we all have the right mindset,” senior Jamie Farley said. Aggressive hitters and big defense are crucial to the team’s success. Already, the Tigers have proven they have these key ingredients.

The starting squad includes nearly all returning players, with the exception of a new setter. Learning how to hit off a certain setter takes time, and after Sydney Howard graduated last year, the Tigers were left trying to find a replacement. Junior Megan Evens was the one who filled in. Teammates have noted that she does her job well. “So far we have done a great job communicating with Megan and we are easily adjusting,” Dusenberry said.

With three games and three tournaments under its belt, the volleyball team has learned to work together and has time to continue improving. Next up for the Tigers is Cedar Rapids Prairie on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

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