Tigers seeking third season of sportsmanship award

sportsmanship award

A football flies through the air and lands in the outstretched hands of senior student section leader Ross Heffner. It’s a typical Friday night before a home football game and many students are in the high school parking lot tailgating.

“Tailgating is basically just a big get together, and we grill,” Heffner said. The students then pack everything up and head to the UNI-Dome for the varsity game.

The student section stands throughout the varsity game and cheers.  Some of the outfits that the students come up with are pretty interesting — everything from headbands to wigs to an occasional morph suit.

Sophomore Walker Martinson has a bright red morph suit that makes it to most Cedar Falls home events. “I was just looking online and saw it, so I decided to buy it,” Martinson said.

Besides dressing up in all kinds of crazy ways, the students are also in the running for winning the Cliff Brees Sportsmanship Award for the third consecutive season. “Well, as you know, last year we definitely didn’t win the Sportsmanship Award. Our leaders last year had some creative minds, but [they] weren’t always too appropriate,” Heffner said. He has helped clean that up with some more appropriate chants. “Koenen is crackin’ down on us making sure we keep it clean.”

The Cliff Brees Sportsmanship Award is handed out for three different seasons: fall, winter and spring. The Award is based on officials’ feedback regarding athletes, fans and coaches. According to Heffner, it would be quite an accomplishment for Cedar Falls to win the Cliff Brees Sportsmanship Award. The last time Cedar Falls won the fall sportsmanship award was in 2008.

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