Internet adds to bullying changes

The times have changed and so has bullying. It used to be physical and verbal, but now it has gone cyber. Nowadays Facebook and Myspace are two of many social networking sites that teens use to bully other kids. However, many schools still have verbal and physical bullying going on, but why? The answer may be because of their home life, low self-esteem or just personal issues. In a recent national survey, 36 percent of high school teens admitted they don’t feel safe while at school, and bullying is more common on school grounds — not off.

Bullying has also become much more violent due to the usage of social networking sites. It’s not just one age group either; it’s all ages, and both guys and girls. As kids get older bullying becomes a more serious thing to deal with because it can get more violent. Some of the changes that have been added to schools to help prevent bullying in schools is Character Counts, early communication and tougher harassment policies such as the Iowa Anti-Harassment Law.

If you are being bullied, tell an adult or someone you can trust. Some signs to look for if you think someone you know is being bullied are changes academically or socially, skipping school in fear of being bullied, and changes from normal routines.

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