Four humble winners deserving of Endeavor Award for efforts

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The purpose of the Endeavor Award, for those whose who may not know, is to honor the people who often go unrecognized, and this year’s Endeavor winners are quite deserving of this lack of recognition, as they are often essential to the activities in which they participate. Honoring these people who are integral parts of many important activities, but may not be well known due to their lack of recognition, is the very purpose of the Endeavor Award. In this respect, the Endeavor Award helps the recipients to gain some much-needed and much-deserved recognition among their peers for all of their hard work.
We would like to congratulate this year’s recipients of the Endeavor Award from Cedar Falls High School: Director of Secondary Education Dan Conrad for his support and enthusiasm for student groups, counselor Ryan Flaherty for the work he does as faculty advisor to Student Senate, senior Tom Blanford for his involvement with Student Senate and his volunteer activities outside of school and our very own news editor Arlene Freudenberg for her involvement with Student Senate and numerous other activities.

As we are all busy high school students, we are aware of the time and effort involved in many activities. Likewise, we are all also aware of how often this time and effort may be contributed primarily by someone whose hard work is evident in final product, but may otherwise not be as obvious. The Endeavor Award serves to rightfully recognize these people.

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