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With the current state of the print newspaper around the country, we at the Tiger Hi-Line knew the future for journalism as we knew it was rather grim, yet we did not expect we would feel the effects so close to home.

However, the edition of the Tiger Hi-Line you are currently reading is the first in a new direction for our paper, and it will likely be followed by many others. Amid the rocky economy, the Hi-Line is feeling the effects of a budget crunch.
The future of this paper is in doubt. In the off chance that funding comes through, the possibility for a revival with a Cedar Falls audience still remains.

At this point, the editors are looking at all possibilities. Currently, it seems that the paper will be relegated only to a smaller distribution among the high school.

Other options have surfaced ranging from scrapping the paper to going with another distributor. The paper is currently available online, and this will not change no matter what happens to the paper as a whole.

We have been considering for some time the possibility that some day we might go under, and it seems appropriate that it would happen in such dire economic times.

The editors have also considered putting out a PDF file every day that would keep the high school informed on news and events. Unfortunately, this would not adhere to the practical, real-life format that this class has stressed for so long. It has become clear that a weekly publishing is our best option to give a quality education to journalism students. Again, unfortunately, this does not seem plausible.

We as a staff appreciate the support we have received from the community and from our mentors; we have felt this support for as long as we have been a part of this exclusive journalism experience.
That’s all folks.

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