Powder puff kicks off homecoming

Linden Terpstra and AJ Miller/Staff Writers

The feature football game isn’t until the end of next week, but students already have many opportunities for celebrating homecoming 2008.

There is a little something for every person in this superhero-themed week. Hallway decorations will kick it off on Sunday, Sept. 28 from 2-6 p.m.

One of the biggest new events is the flag powder puff game that will take place on Monday night at 7:30 p.m. on the practice football field.

“I’m excited that the administrators are going to offer a school-sponsored powder puff game, and I am eager to see who will participate,” Student Senate adviser Ryan Flaherty said.
The game is open to all students and the community to come and watch, and concessions will be served during the game.

“I think the game would be an awesome tradition to get started, plus we could use it as a fundraiser for either homecoming or something like flood relief,” senior Kensie Smith said.
The many previous powder puff games were filled with many injuries and harassment, so the school will sanction this year’s more controlled game that can still contain some intense rivalries.

“It is a really good idea because people who are actually in sports aren’t able to play it outside of school because their coaches won’t let them because of injuries, but if it goes through the school, then more people would be able to play,” junior Courtney Dreyer said.

The Student Senate is anticipating an exciting game. “Come out and do it because it’s a great way to get involved in homecoming and support your class,” Flaherty said.

Remember the Titans will be shown on Tuesday night at Overman Park starting at 8 p.m. With a chance of rain, the movie will be shown in the high school gymnasium.

The annual homecoming coronation will be on Thursday, Sept. 2, at 8 p.m. on the practice football field.

The 14 court members will be introduced on Friday, Sept. 26 in a school assembly. After the voting, they will be escorted by someone important to them on the following Thursday to be crowned king or queen. A fireworks display will be shown during the crowning.

The football team is eager for a superhuman performance as they battle Waterloo West on Friday. An improved West has started off their season with a 2-1(update) record.

“Waterloo West has a very good team this year. It’ll be a tough homecoming game for us, but we still have another tough Dubuque team ahead of us first before West,” head football coach Pat Mitchell said.

Last year, the football team had school-sponsored and team events every night to keep the boys focused and out of trouble, and the plans remain for this year.

“(West is) a good team. The senior class has been successful all the way through. They have a new coach and a new system. It should be a fun wide-open kind of a game. We’re going to have a lot of fans there, and West will too, so it’ll be a fun atmosphere to play in,” Mitchell said,
“We’re just trying to stay focused one week at a time. We still have a lot of football to play.”
The finalé is the homecoming dance, which is set for Saturday night from 8-11 p.m at Orchard Hill Church.

“The theme for the dance is fun. I love superheroes, and it just gives everyone a chance to come up with the most random superheroes,” junior Courtney Dreyer said.

“It might just be me being a senior, but I am really excited for homecoming this year,” Kensie Smith said on a final note.

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