On a Mission: Spring breakers travel with churches

Sarah Byerly/Staff Writer

While some students spent their spring break relaxed on the beach or sleeping in at home, other groups of CFHS students spent their time doing life changing volunteer work for others.
“It really pumps me up to see the students having tons of fun actually serving on these mission trips that they pay for to go on. It’s not a burden and in fact for some it’s one of the best trips of their life!” leader Tim Walsten said.

One of the spring break mission trips went to Mexico. Twelve high school students and three leaders made a 27-hour long drive in a 15-passenger van to get to Texas. Even though it was a long trip, students believe it was worth it. They stayed in Texas but traveled into Mexico, which meant passing through the border every day.

“We handed out donations around Mexico and at the church where we were. We also built a house in two days for a family of five. I think the house was about as big as my bedroom, but the family was so thankful! It really showed me how to appreciate what I have,” sophomore Lisa Boelman said.

The family they built a house for had two parents, a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old daughter, and a small son. The students got the chance to provide a home for this family in need, which was very eye opening for them.

“The most memorable experience from the trip was seeing the faces of the family when we built their house and how gracious they were to us. It was so awesome to be an answer to their prayers,” sophomore Austin Javellana said.

The mission work was the main point of their trip, but the students also had time for fun and a chance to experience the culture of Mexico.

“We got to spend a day shopping, which gave us a taste of Mexico. We even got beautiful weather while we were there,” Boelman said.

The teams from Orchard Hill Church have traveled to Mexico before to provide a chance for high school students to serve and see the Culture in Mexico. They plan on once a year or as often as they can.

“While we may be serving different people every year, it all comes down to the relationships we build with them. For my wife Shelby and I its truly a blessing and an honor to partner year after year with Bob and Esther Scott who also serve in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico,” Walsten said.
The groups had very positive responses from the trip and most even want to continue on doing more missions.

“I will most definitely be going on more trips! I love getting close to my friends and experiencing God with them,” Javellana said.

Boelman agreed with the positive experience of mission trips.

“The past two years I have been going to God’s Mountain in Missouri. I had a wonderful time and really loved going there. I’m so glad I got the chance to go to Mexico. It was an amazing trip and I am planning on going on another mission trip next spring break if it works out.

“All the mission trips that I have been on have been life changing, and it is amazing to see what God can do in just one week,” Boelman said.


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