Harmony students share evening with residents at Country View

Aubrey Caruso/Staff Writer

Harmony members took a trip to Country View on Thursday, March 26 to play bingo with the people living in this home. Harmony takes many groups out to do such activities to help around the community, understand the differences in people and accept everyone’s different qualities that surround us.

“This is a wonderful service learning project for the students. It gives the students an understanding of people who have disabilities. Plus, the students also realize taking one hour out of their day can make a day special for someone less fortunate,” special needs teacher Tammy Frahm said.

Since this is a learning experience for the students, they say it brings a better understanding of all the different people in the world and how to better understand each and every one of them.
“I had a great time. The people were so nice, and Richard, the man I was talking with, said thank you about 50 times, at least. They were so cute, and I’m pretty sure that they have more fun there than most people do on a regular basis,” sophomore Tracy Lukasiewicz said.
There were about 20 students that went on this Harmony trip. Each student got to spend time with the residents and help them with bingo. Some students began to feel a strong connection with the residents they visited with.

“I really liked to help them play bingo, roll around in their chairs and be able to get their food. It was a great night,” junior Morgan Henriksen said.

At this home there is a wide range in the age groups. Harmony students brought in prizes for bingo, which ranged from snacks to purses, sunglasses and slippers.

“It’s not all about the prizes; it’s about the fun we have with you. I’m so grateful,” Rica, a Country View resident, said.

Harmony students take a trip to Country View every year to play bingo with the residents.
“Going to Country View was a great opportunity for kids like us to see how much it means to them for us to visit and spend evening with them. I can’t wait to go back next year,” sophomore Kristin Morris said.

At the end of the night students found it hard to even leave the residents. Some students were begging to go back soon.

“We had a wonderful time with the Country View residents. They loved the bingo prizes. We love visiting our friends at Country View because they brighten our day,” Harmony adviser Susan Langan said.

Even though students met with different people, they all seemed to have a similar experience.
“I think Country View is a really great time to sit down and meet new people. It is a good experience because it means a lot to the residents,” junior Michael Kelly said.

The next trip for will be in May where the students will meet with a group of disabled people at a restaurant to eat, dance and visit.


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