Students cope with cancelation of Student Senate’s winter formal

Sarah Byerly/Staff Writer

The students planning to go to winter formal were unpleasantly surprised to find out that the dance, originally set for Saturday, Jan. 17, was cancelled.

Students had been purchasing tickets for $4 during their lunch shifts, but only 49 tickets were sold during this time. The school needed to have 100 tickets sold before they could confirm the formal.

Even though a number of students noted they would purchase their tickets for $5 at the door the night of the dance, a set number of tickets had to be sold for the school to know that the dance can be paid for with enough students willing to attend.

Due to the bad weather during the week of winter formal, students were unable to purchase tickets during snow-days. Having the formal cancelled was disappointing for a lot of students.
“I was really pumped for winter formal, and when I was told it was cancelled, it messed up my weekend,” sophomore Brandon Bogardus said.

Students can get a refund if they had already purchased tickets starting the Tuesday after the cancellation. Even though the tickets are refundable, a lot of students will have to wait for another occasion to wear their formal clothes.

“I think it’s disappointing that the dance was cancelled because my friends and I had already bought our dresses, and I know that a lot of others had too,” sophomore Sam Doyle said.
A variety of students still decided to get dressed up on that Saturday night and go out to eat or have their own personal formals.

“I was bummed about the dance being cancelled, and I had already bought my dress. It would have been awesome to have winter formal, but I still had a lot of fun getting dressed up and hanging out with my friends,” sophomore Lizzie Dobson said.

The Student Senate has been discussing if it is going to add another dance into this school year and is playing around with different ideas and suggestions. Nothing has been confirmed and no extra dances have been added at this point.

The Student Senate is aware that students are disappointed about the formal being cancelled but is considering that this might encourage ticket sales at upcoming dances this year.

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