Is Ronald McDonald to blame for fat America?

By Courtney Carlo 2005

Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders are plotting against you. Yes, that’s right. You. They are part of the restaurants’ conspiracy to make you overweight and unhealthy.

At least that’s what some people are starting to claim.

Caesar Barber, at 5’10” and 272 pounds, was the first to file a lawsuit against three major fast food chains. He ate at them at least five times a week. Then he had a heart attack.

His doctor told him to cut down on the fatty foods, but he said that the ads claiming them to be made out of 100 percent beef made them good for him.

How could any person with a least half a brain think that grease-saturated french fries could possibly be healthy?

After a second heart attack, a blood vessel collapsing and having a stint put in his heart, he stopped eating the fast food. He now suffers from obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

More people began to follow his lead.

McDonald’s is being blamed for New York childrens’ obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. They claim that fast food chains are negligent for selling foods that are very high in fat, salt, sugar adn cholesterol despite a definite link to coronary heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The lawyers also claim that the restaurants offer no healthy choices. When you walk into McDonald’s, you can’t possibly be expecting to get something that’s not fried in grease. I doubt that there are no other restaurants in the area. Instead of pulling into Burger King every day, why not go to Subway? They constantly advertise how healthy their food is. McDonald’s never promised to be a weight-loss program.

These people weren’t force to eat at these restaurants. Let’s say that Barber comes to my house every day and eats bag after bag of potato chips. After years of this activity he sues me for making him fat and unhealthy. Does that make sense? I think not.

The children from New York most likely ate some meals at home. Should we sue their parents for not feeding them only salad with low fat dressing? Or for not turning them away from the TV to the gym?

What will be sued next? HyVee? Should we sue them for selling cookies? Doritos and Mountain Dew? Of course not. We’re able to go into a grocery store and buy healthy foods rather than foods that are bad for us. Restaurants should be the same.

Maybe these people should wake up and realize how stupid sounding it is to try to blame everyone besides themselves for their bad choices. No one took control of Barber’s car and made it go to KFC instead of Subway. It was his and everyone’s choice of what to eat.

Guess we’ll just have to look on the bright side. If the people win, they might invest in treadmills.

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