Teacher Feature: Hannah Coates

Spanish teacher Hannah Coates is truly exceptional in her approach to teaching. She believes in making every student feel included and engaged in her lessons. “I include all my students and plan engaging lessons to keep students smiling and interacting with each other,” she said.

Coates goes the extra mile to understand her students’ needs, not only helping them with coursework but also guiding them on college and career matters. “I listen to their needs and work with them on coursework or questions about college and work after graduation,” she said.

Her classes are filled with laughter and excitement, especially when students act out Spanish stories together. Coates believes in making learning fun through group activities and games, inducing “students belly laughing with tears after acting out a Spanish story from class,” she said..

Even during challenges like teaching online during the pandemic, Coates remains dedicated to her students. “I have faced challenges of teaching online during the pandemic and assisting low-income families with technology usage,” she acknowledges.

Coates is a fantastic teacher who prioritizes her students’ well-being and enjoyment of learning. Her inclusive and engaging teaching style creates a positive and enriching classroom environment, making her a beloved figure at Cedar Falls High School.

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