Teacher Feature: English teacher Courtney Lubs

Meet Courtney Lubs, an English teacher at Cedar Falls High School who aims to create a welcoming atmosphere where every student feels valued. “I try to model what I expect: true enthusiasm, greetings by name, encouragement, humor,” she said.

Lubs said she builds this genuine care for student learning and well-being because “I’m there to support their learning and am always reflecting on how to improve each day,” she said.

For her, one of the most rewarding moments is reconnecting with former students and witnessing their growth. “Some of the most powerful moments come from students who struggled and can look back reflectively with pride,” she said.

To keep students motivated, she offers personalized encouragement and support. “Encouragement applies specifically to them,” she said, emphasizing her dedication to helping each student succeed. 

Despite challenges like student absences and new curriculum, Lubs remains passionate about teaching. “Teaching comes with a need to problem solve in the moment sometimes,” she said.

Sophomore Anabella Moore said she appreciates Lubs’ kindness and engaging lessons.
“She is very nice and she gives me time to get my stuff done on time,” Moore said. “She also makes learning very fun.”

Moore recalled a moment when Lubs made learning about presidents more engaging. “She made us dig deeper and understand what they were saying instead of just listening to words,” she said. “She pushes us to do our best and makes us think a lot about a topic.” 

Moore also said Lubs has a skill for keeping students enthused. “She keeps everybody motivated by checking in on us once in a while and making sure we are staying on task.”

In Lubs’ class, Moore said working in groups and discussing topics with peers is rewarding. “When we get to work with groups and talk to others about what we just learned or talked about,” Moore said is a highlight of the collaborative nature of Lubs’ teaching style.

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