Plans for end of school year shaping up

The end of the school year will look different considering the big move to the new high school and finals.

Near the end of May or in early June school will be closing out for the summer and students will begin to enjoy their vacations. But considering the big move, what will the end of the school year look like for students and teachers? 

The high school will indeed be having finals this year, but unlike previous years where days were set aside for certain periods for final testing, the finals will be held during the regular school schedule and most likely be taken in parts depending on the teacher. 

“The last day of new learning, the last day of finals, will be May 28 through May 31,” Principal Jason Wedgbury said, “so whenever a teacher wants to give it in their class, between May 28 and May 31, that’s going to be finals, but we won’t have a special schedule.” 

For the big move to the new school, the month of May will likely be the busiest month of moving, as equipment and the like that are not currently being used will be moved over during this time, such as the football equipment. After June 3 everything will start being moved out of the building. Students who want to help with the move can come on June 3; however, it is not mandatory.

The plans for what will happen to the school after the move are still unsettled, though it will likely be sold off to new owners or developers who will decide what happens to the building.

“I think there is already interest from other people in the community who want to purchase this. Whether they want to tear it down, whether they keep it, I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that at some point in time the district will sell this at some point in time to somebody else,” Wedgbury said.\

Important Dates for End of the School Year:

Finals Week, May 28-31 

Big Move, June 3

Last Day for Seniors, May 23

Senior Breakfast, May 24

Grad Practice, May 24

Last Day of Learning/Last School Day (if no more snow days), May 31


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