Teacher Feature: Zeb Nicholson

Math teacher Zeb Nicholson said he believes in creating a happy class because “I encourage students to make positive life choices. I try to give students flexibility and teach them about time management and self-motivation/responsibility.”

He said life can deliver unexpected adjustments at any time. “We were in the middle of a test when six ceiling tiles fell out of the ceiling and about 15 gallons of water dumped out onto the floor.”

To keep students interested, he cheers them on and praises their efforts using “enthusiasm, compliments [and] words of encouragement.”

Teaching can be tough, and Nicholson faces challenges when students don’t understand. He said in those instances he “definitely [tries] finding new ways to teach topics when students don’t understand.”

Sophomore Henry Funk said he likes Nicholson because he matches the lessons to each student’s skills. “He lets us work at our own pace instead of teaching the whole class.”

He also appreciates how Nicholson takes time to explain things clearly. “When he walks me through a lesson,” Fund said, “I understand it completely.”

Henry said Nicholson is a good teacher because he doesn’t rush them and keeps the class calm. “He never rushes us and makes a peaceful work environment.”

Funk also appreciates how Nicholson makes sure everyone understands by moving around the class and helping students, as well as how he coaches students to success. “They really aren’t lessons; he just explains the stuff that we struggle on.”

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