Students of the Future: junior Rae Wilson

This is the fifth article for the ongoing series, Students of the Future, where we focus on extraordinary CFHS students and what they plan to do in the future. For this article we will be focusing on Junior Rae Wilson, our first junior to be featured in this series.

Wilson plans to go to school and become an international lawyer, a lawyer that usually deals with cases that involve two different countries. Ever since seventh grade when she started to take French she knew that she wanted to continue something with the language. She also wanted a job that allowed her to travel. It wasn’t till about two years ago that she decided to go into this field as law has been more of an on and off decision for her.

“I first realized this was an option when my dad brought it up to me. I did not even realize it existed, but I was immediately intrigued after more research. I think it is a good choice for me,” Wilson said.

To prepare for her future she is currently taking French classes such as French composition at the University of Northern Iowa. Later, she is planning to take both AP English classes as she wants to have more experience in reading and writing. Wilson said she hopes to become successful and happy in her later years. She wants to be a person that someone can rely on and help people with their problems, hoping to accomplish this in her future career.

“I see myself being happy and working hard,” Wilson said, “I don’t know if I have much, but I hope that law works out for me and I find happiness within it.” 

Even though things haven’t been the best in the past couple of years, Wilson still holds on to hope stating that, “No, if anything these past events have made me more hopeful for the future because we need change, and change is bound to happen soon.”

For students who are afraid of pushing for their future, Wilson said, “It’s never too late to try something and push yourself to try things out of your comfort zone. Also, don’t be afraid of failure or rejection. push yourself into situations where you think you’ll be rejected because it never hurts to try and you’ll only learn from there.”

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