Phoebe Bridgers: the real star of the Grammys

The 66 annual Grammy Awards had some big moments like Taylor Swift announcing her new albums, Miley Cyrus winning her first Grammy and SZA performing, but there was one artist who really shined, Phoebe Bridgers.

Bridgers is an alternative singer-songwriter who has released two solo albums, “Stranger in the Alps” and “Punisher.” Alone, her most popular songs are “Motion Sickness,” “Scott Street” and “I Know The End.” She is also in a supergroup called Boygenius alongside singers Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus. Their most popular songs are “Not Strong Enough” and “Cool About It.”

Not only did Bridgers win her first Grammy this year, but she also won the most Grammys of the night. She won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the song “Ghost In The Machine” with singer SZA. Boygenius won two awards for the song “Not Strong Enough” (Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance.) Her last Grammy of the night was Best Alternative Music Album for the Boygenuis album “The Record.”

While Boygenuis won three Grammys in one night, many people disagree with this decision. Lana Del Rey was in the running for two of the same categories Boygenuis was. Many Del Rey fans were upset that she did not win since she has been making music for longer and many fans claimed that Boygenuis didn’t deserve the trophy that Del Rey deserved. Although, I think that Boygenuis one hundred percent deserved the Grammy. Their sound is very unique since each of the members has very different voices, and it makes for some beautiful tracks. 

Bridgers and Boygenius have been inspirations to many teenagers and young adults across the globe. Bridgers finally got the recognition she deserved at the 66th Grammy Awards winning the most awards of the night.

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