Teacher feature: history teacher Kyle Engdahl

History teacher Kyle Engdahl is a blessing to his students at Cedar Falls High School, and it stems from his many classroom skills and expectations.

Engdahl said one of his priorities is creating the right environment for learning by “being honest and humble and trying to be understanding with students.” 

To do this, he makes learning fun, sets clear rules and tries to get everybody involved. 

Sophomore Kaitlynn Willis said, “Engdahl creates an environment that isn’t about perfection, but doing your best.”

Maintaining discipline is also a priority for Engel as he maintains order by balancing boundaries while also limiting stress. Engdahl said, “It goes back to honesty and doing what you’re supposed to do. There are things I don’t want to do, but I have to, and that’s the same for my students.”

Willis also said Engdahl sometimes uses students in the class as examples of what they’re learning, like if they are doing something in government, instead of using an historical reference “he will put us in hypothetical situations,” and she said this strategy keeps the class engaged and on track.

Willis said another key to Endahl’s effectiveness is that “he genuinely cares, and he always has a good attitude. He always takes us back to neutral and doesn’t set expectations [too high]. Engdahl creates an environment that isn’t about perfection but doing your best.” 

In pursuing this, Engdahl said, “I meet students where they are. I have hopes for them, but I am realistic with them.”

In simple terms, Engdahl, the cool history teacher at Cedar Falls High School, makes the classroom happy by being honest and nice. He makes learning fun, sets clear rules and wants everyone to join in. 

As Willis said, he cares about students trying hard, not being perfect and keeps the class chill with fair rules. Basically, Engdahl is a great teacher because he’s friendly, keeps things real, and wants everyone to do their best.

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