Students enjoy teachers who make them feel good

In school, there are always teachers that all students like or dislike a lot.

But, why is this?

Students don’t just have a dislike for certain teachers because of their personalities but also because of how they act in class.

Treatment and tone are everything for students, and some teachers don’t fit the ideal idea of a teacher for some students.

Senior Daniel Longseth said he prefers when his teachers are “passionate about their work and invested in it… have a sense of humor and are generally happy.”

Senior Ayame Christie prefers when teachers are “outgoing and fun. They like to bring a lot of joy to class, but they also have a kinda strict side to them.”

The tone of voice is key to keeping students engaged and interested in the class; so what picks do these seniors have when it comes to the way teachers speak?

Well, Longseth doesn’t like it when teachers have “a condescending/patronizing tone, as it makes me feel less of a person when those who are teaching me talk down to me.”

Overall, Longseth enjoys it when they (teachers) “speak with a clear tone and understandable volume.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Christie prefers when teachers have “more of a sweet voice or anything that isn’t monotone.”

Like many students, Christie finds that if a teacher’s “voice is monotone, then I get very bored, and it’s harder for me to learn with that kind of voice.”

Trying to find your ideal or perfect teacher can be hard. Some students, though, find that their ideal teachers can be found in certain subjects.

For Longseth, his favorite school subject is psychology, but he finds that the teachers that fit his ideal description are within the choir department. As his “choir directors have always been fantastic.”

Similarly, Christie prefers the subjects of both psychology and history.

Luckily for her, she finds that she leans “more toward history teachers. They’re always pretty cool teachers, and I’ve always done well in their classes.

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