Junior doesn’t believe in resolutions

Around the time New Year’s Eve comes around people think of a New Year’s resolution for themselves, but it may not be for everybody. Junior Abby Coltan has a different perspective about the new year and about New Year’s resolutions. 

““New Years is always kind of weird for me because there’s alot of anxiety around it, especially as a junior in high school, it’s dawning on me that I’m getting closer to graduation.”

It can be very stressful for a person to get closer and closer to graduation.

“It’s weird, and I’m turning in age, which is kind of disturbing. Through the new year I look back at things I did that following year, and I think ‘Did I accomplish anything for myself? Did anything about me change?’ I am hopeful that good stuff will happen this year.” 

Goals can help people get through the new year, let alone life in general. Coltan explained some positive goals for this year.

“I’d like to lose some weight and to expand the people I know. I feel personally I stick to people that I’m really close to. It’s hard for me to get out of my box a little bit and get close to people that I don’t really talk to. For the most part, I think I don’t make an effort to reach out to people that I’d like to hangout with or talk to more.“

Even though Coltan may have a hard time to explore opportunities, these goals will make a positive influence in her life. 

“Also I’d like to work on not letting various trivial things bother me, I think I’m a sensitive person. I think little things affect me a lot more than they would affect someone else. I have very strong and passionate emotions about things that can be very positive sometimes. When it comes to things and people that I love, I give it my all when it comes down to it, but that also means for negative things there’s also the same spectrum, so when I get upset about something, I really get upset about it. I tend to hang onto it for a long time and tend to let it affect my whole life, but I’m trying to be a little looser. It doesn’t matter; like none of this is gonna matter in five years, so why am I wasting time and energy on something so little?” 

Although Coltan has many goals for 2024, she believes that a New Year’s resolution isn’t for her.

“I never really do New Year’s resolutions. When you’re a child you know, your parents are like ‘Make a New Year’s resolution,’ and it just seems cliche. I don’t really see them helpful.”

Although Coltan doesn’t do New Year’s resolutions, that doesn’t mean she can’t have something to pursue. 

“The only hobbies that have been consistent for me are journaling, drawing and playing guitar. I’m more or less picking up a bunch of hobbies that I haven’t done in a long time because I haven’t spent a lot of time doing anything. I’ve done a whole lot of nothing this past year. 2023 was my year of rest and relaxation.”

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