India defies Hollywood stereotypes

Peet student Aarya Phuke went to India for a month in November to see her family. The last time she went was in 2021. She said, “It’s nice because only one of my dad’s sisters is here [America], so basically all my family is in India, and I thought it was fun seeing them.”

Phuke said India is a country far beyond the stereotypes. “Hollywood doesn’t exactly portray India the same as it actually is. In movies, Indians wear different clothes, but honestly, sweatpants are trending there, and the clothes from America are mostly similar.”

In India, there are still lots of the same fast food and retail stores that you would find in America. Although, they aren’t the typical fast food that you would find in America. She said, “Well there is McDonalds, but it’s way different. They put different ingredients in.”

Most Hollywood movies do this to other countries as well, not just India. This creates harmful stereotypes since this creates assumptions about people of color.

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