Students of the Future: senior Amelia Bryant

The world is a place with many unique cultures and languages each being different from one another not just in words but also in the overall sentence structure and overall feel of said languages. Translators allow people of two different languages and or cultures to communicate with each other. Teachers who teach languages can also open these doors for others by teaching one the language itself. This is the third in a series of articles highlighting the extraordinary students and what they plan to do in the future. This article will be focusing on senior Amelia Bryant.

Bryant hopes to someday either be a professional translator or to teach English as a second language abroad, preferably in Spain. To achieve this goal she plans to go to the University of Iowa. In preparation she is currently taking AP Spanish this year as well as for the past couple of years taking the different CFHS Spanish classes. She also had been learning about the education field through CAPS education, although education isn’t her first choice as she wishes to be a professional translator.

I originally wanted to be a Spanish teacher, until my first placement in CAPS Education,” Bryant said. “I realized that I did not enjoy it because I couldn’t use all of my language abilities and wanted to hear authentic Spanish.”

As a professional translator Bryant would assist people in translating their native language to English. This could involve government work such as filling out citizen papers, other documents and more. At university Bryant also wants to begin to study French and Portuguese but plans to major in Spanish, translation and teaching English as a second language.

“I knew I would do something with the language, but this specific and not teaching Spanish. Just recently this semester it was strongly confirmed,” Bryant said.

She hopes to impact the world and others by helping others communicate what they need or want. Although she is afraid for her future career as AI continues to advance more and more, she still loves helping others and getting to know people.

Furthermore, Bryant said dreams, “may change, and as hard as that may be to swallow, do not be afraid to try new things because you may find something you love, like I did. I can assure you that you will find your passion.”

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