Upcoming fashion will incorporate some old, some new trends

In recent years, our fashion and color trends have been changing drastically; especially since fashion is a way of expressing oneself. With how much the world has been changing these past few years it’s no surprise that almost everyone has changed with it.

Fashion merchandising teacher Megan Droste said, “Fashion is used as an expression and an art – it’s up to the wearer on what they want to wear and showcase to the world.”

So, how were people expressing themselves this past year?

Well, according to Droste, the fall was a bit more on the monotone side, as there were a lot of neutrals and grays, although we did see “some pops of color such as a true red, light blue and olive green.” All these varying shades and colors were accompanied by monochromatic clothing throughout the fall.

Compared with that of the fall, we saw a wider variety of colors in the winter. Droste determined that lighter colors would be seen on runways and in stores. These colors included, “pistachio, lavender, powder blue, deep navy, light pink and canary yellows.” Followed by these lighter colors, things like denim and the color red will become more popular in the 2023 winter.

The fashion trends for the winter are extremely diverse. With things like “Bomber jackets, wide-leg/flare jeans, brown leather, long maxi skirts, lace,” she said.

These types of trends are followed by trends that have resurfaced.

The trends of the ’90s are one of the trends that have come into a full circle. The main things that have been revived from the ’90s include the, “boyfriend blazer, color-blocking sweaters and platform shoes,” Droste said.

In contrast to the looks of 2023, the year 2024 will appear more light as the fashion and color trends for winter have shown. Droste said that the popular colors of next year will appear as a “modern color movement of pastel.”

This year’s fashions trends were more dark, and Droste said masculine and utilitarian looks are going to be a great contrast to that of next year’s looks.

The looks of 2024 are determined to be more “playful, light/airy and romantic,” as the clothes for next year will include things like “florals, off white looks, jumpsuits reimagined, tracksuits and full skirts.”

Do you think these trends are far off?

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