Fashion Sense: sophomore bailey miller

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: I get my inspiration from ’70s hippie styles and the modern day granola aesthetic.

Q: What are some go-to color combinations you recommend?

A: The general color combination I came across in my fashion research lies between extremes like neutral earth tones and bright and colorful patterns.

Q: What is a go-to/staple piece you have?

A: A go to staple clothing item in my wardrobe is a flannel cover up. They go well over practically anything and can always be adjusted to fit the look you’re going for.

Q: Where do you shop and how do you afford your clothes?

A: I tend to find myself in second hand clothing stores, not only to support the reduce reuse recycle movement, but also because it’s cheaper, and they have lots of hidden gems.

Q: Who do you look up to for inspiration? Is it a celebrity or another student?

A: Most of my celebrity inspirations have passed because my style is old times. Although my personal style isn’t a very common one, I do sometimes come across peers with similar interests. Seeing people wear these things around school inspire me to embrace my style in public.\

Q: Are your fits seasonal or year-round?

A: I stick around the same general style, but it gets difficult during the cold. The Bohemian style is largely based in warmer climates.

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