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With the prevalence of the internet, it has become easier and easier to find up and coming or unknown old artists that faded into the background for their time. Now with music streaming places like Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube Music, it’s easy for people to find new artists, or for artists to upload their newest track to the internet and receive love and/or feedback from the worldwide web. In this article, I will point out some notable artists that I’ve found in my time searching and listening, and what those artists are doing now.

Mac Demarco

While now being relatively well-known, it wouldn’t be right to talk about artists without mentioning what many call the prince of indie. His music blends a bit of folk and indie rock to create a catchy and pretty homey feeling. His most famous albums are 2, and Salad Days, with his top track being “Chamber of Reflection.”

The Unicorns

Coming from Montreal, Canada, The Unicorns were a short-lived but beloved band by those who have heard them.The band consists of NIcholas Thorburn, Alden Penner and Jamie Thompson. For this band, rock with a lo-fi touch was the name of the game, giving everything a very early 2000s sound, fitting for their time, with uses of instruments like cello, clarinet, penny whistle, violins and more, their main album, Who WIll Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone comes off almost dreamy in it’s style of chill.

Feed Me Jack

Hailing from Santa Cruz, Calif., Feed Me Jack, while being another short-lived band, still captures the attention of those who hear it. The band’s lineup consists of Sven Gamsky, Robert Ross, Jake Thornton, Eric Lawson and Cameron Lampert. The genre for this band is a mix of jazz, rock and an emphasis on math-rock. While only having one album out, that being Chumpfrey, they have 2 EPs out, those being Ultra Ego and Anatolia. Their music feels very cohesive and put-together, oftentimes having seamless transitions from one track to another, like “Open” going into “Da Da Da Da.”

Adam Cleall

Coming from the UK, this unknown artist now does game development and arranges music for said games. Adam Cleall’s music could best be described as strange. While it is mostly pop music, it has extra additions to it that make it pleasing to the ear. Sometimes tracks are slow; other times two tracks blend together. Sometimes the song may sound cheery and happy but could be referring to the questioning of life. His only album, Adam Cleall’s Expedition to the Underworld, is a strange blend of sadness and cheeriness, conflicting emotions that still work and make it an intriguing listen with its highs and lows. As mentioned before, Cleall now works at a game development company known as December 7th creative business corporation, and their first game known as Swollen Until Bursting Until I Am Disappearing On Purpose is a horror-based RPG inspired by things like Petscop and early role-playing games like Earthbound.

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