Email, Schoology provide teachers with critical communication link

In the modern digital age, it can be hard to keep up with the bombardment of notifications, texts, updates, etc, but keeping eyes on emails and school-related websites can be helpful to be up to date with your school and what’s going on. Most often, teachers make full calendars that they keep up to date for what the class is doing, either in slides or documents, and those are also important to look over every day so students can know what to expect before even stepping foot into the class or talking to the teacher. After asking some teachers about kids checking or not checking their emails and schoology, this is what they had to say.

Nathan Lockard: “The reason I maintain a calendar and send out emails is because I think it’s good for students to have a resource and preview materials, or if they are gone they can check that. As a teacher, it’s good to have proper etiquette and skills for when students go out into the real world. I want all students to be on the same page and not miss anything, and that they always have the materials to look over if they are unsure of anything or feel they are behind.”

Kelly Galyen: “I think it would be beneficial for kids to open and check their emails and Schoology every day, especially since we don’t have homerooms. The only way to reach the entire school body is via email or posts on Schoology.”

Kailyn Bettle: “As the AP coordinator, I have to communicate with over 350 different students, and there’s no other way to do that aside from email, and those emails have important information like test times and test locations, so when they don’t check it, I have to chase down kids for it, and it can be frustrating. I have changed the way that I use my email to communicate with my students knowing they won’t check it, so I have to talk to them in person often.”

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