During bus safety week, let’s pay attention to smart choices

There haven’t been many drivers that have gone past the bus when the lights were flashing. However, on certain streets, there have been multiple drivers who tried to drive past the bus while it was stopped. 

“I won’t let them (the students) go unless they’ve (the other motorist) stopped. It’s usually only on Loren Drive and a few other streets that I have this problem,” said Roxanne, the driver of bus 37. There has been one occasion where Roxanne said she had a scare of a motorist almost hitting an elementary schooler. She said other drivers must follow the law and guidelines to keep themselves, the students, and others safe.

This issue needs to be addressed by having local authorities patrol the area, keeping an eye out for drivers who “didn’t think” when they passed the school bus that had stopped to let children off or on. This problem may need to have an increase in public awareness, as lives are being thrust into danger’s reach.

Ava Davis, a freshman at Peet Junior High, said, “I feel like our bus driver does a good job getting us from point A to point B. I feel though that most of the boys in the back of the bus are being unsafe by sticking their hands, heads and other objects out the window.”

This is another issue. It is highly dangerous to stick limbs and other objects out the windows, as they can hit road signs, and even large vehicles like semi trucks. This can cause the person to get injured, and possibly lose that limb, depending on the force of the impact and velocity of the vehicles.

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