Holmes librarian, student recommend some books

What books in the Holmes library are popular, and are they any good?

A lot of the Jenny Han books, such as The Summer I Turned Pretty series, are popular. We had six copies at the beginning of the year and couldn’t keep them in. The Gone series and Scythe series books are popular. A Long Way Down is popular,” said Stephanie Itzen, the Holmes librarian.

Itzen said, “My favorite book in the Holmes library that I read is Project Hail Mary.”
Suggestions from students can also be helpful. “I’d recommend a book called Man’s Search For Meaning,” said Isabela Hafermann, a Holmes ninth grader. “It’s on the deeper side of novels, but it has great insights to life, meaning and finding passion. The book follows a man through WWII and multiple concentration camps while putting in pieces of wisdom, posing questions and presenting other great ideas.”

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