Students share spring break plans

Spring break starts for students on March 13 and ends on March 17. Many students are highly looking forward to time off. The junior high and high school students below gave examples of what they plan to do for spring break.

Sophomore Adaline Ebensberger will be away from home for her spring break. “I’m going to go to Florida to stay with my grandparents.”

Peet freshman Melissa Meza has many plans for her spring break. “I’m probably going to catch up on sleep, start crocheting, go to the park, hang out with friends and I’ll buy new glasses. We might go to Minneapolis.”

Holmes freshman Jay Lawson will be staying at home during his break and plans to have a casual time. “Well, the pool isn’t open yet, but my sister’s going to visit. In the mornings I’ll probably go and take a bike ride. I’m not going anywhere, so I’ll just be chilling at home. I’ll also have to catch up on some math homework.”

Holmes freshman Oliver Hadanson said, “I’m going to watch some movies with a friend of mine. I’ll probably spend some time outside. I’ll definitely read quite a bit. I like to do that.”


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