Student-led math club gears up with new adviser

The math club has started up again, meeting on Tuesdays in room 54 during power hour. The club plans to focus on preparing for competitions and learning fun math. 

The club meets in Alexis Steinlage’s room, but is preparing to be a student-led group. 

Amy Tran, sophomore, had the idea for the math club so she can explore her interests and spend time with others who share her passion for learning. “On a snowy day during winter break I was thinking about starting a club that related to something I enjoyed doing. I was then reminded that typically my dad would be teaching me math or science as he has done since I was in first grade.” 

Tran said she needed to find a new adviser because math teacher Julie Kirkpatrick, who was the previous adviser, is now advising the robotics club instead. 

Currently the club has 17 members, and they spent their last meeting setting up a basic structure for the club to thrive in the future without much teacher assistance. 

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