Sophomores share Christmas gift wish lists

Every year kids and students write their Christmas wish list. It may be the same for everyone or it may be different, but every year there is one gift everyone wants. Sophomore Kenny Hernandez said, “I wished for many things, but my top things that I wish to get are clothes and shoes and some new camping things, but this year I don’t really think there is one thing that everyone wants. Now that we are in high school, we don’t really look at stuff like that.” 

 Some don’t like to be like everyone else. Sophomore Drake Wetlaufer said, “This year I wished for mostly camping things cause I enjoy camping and also I asked for hunting stuff accessories and things like that, and I asked for things for my car like new lights and new tires. That’s all I asked for Christmas.”

Sophomore Alex Foth said, “This year I wanted a lot of things, but the things that I mostly want are tickets for a Vikings game, hopefully, and also new Airpods, and the last thing I really want is snowboard.”

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