Young Democrats readying for upcoming election

In preparation for the midterm elections, the young Democrats club is collecting information to share with students through schoology within a week of the elections. The group meets during the second shift of power hour on Tuesdays in room 255. 

Senior Dee Dee Benton, a co-president of the group, said, “Since Nov. 8 is coming up, I think our best thing to do is focusing on doing stuff with Know Your Ballot and getting information about each of the candidates out there before people go out and vote.” 

The group wants to share the Know You Ballot document with students. “Know Your Ballot has information on each of the democratic candidates,” senior Maggie McCullough said. 

Along with sharing this information, the club is doing its own research on all candidates to put out in its newsletter. They do work outside of meetings and discuss what they have found or done every week. Collecting information on “How they feel about specific topics like how they voted on abortion bills, how they voted on healthcare and Medicare things,” Benton said. 

The club’s goal is to collect information on all of the candidates, not exclusive to Democrats, to help students make an educated vote. “We want to educate them, but we also don’t want to skew their opinions.”

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