Sophomores enjoying new novel addition to English curriculum

In English class, sophomores are reading The Haunting Of The Hill House by Shirley Jackson. As the book progresses, students see what happens to this group of people who decide to live in the Hill house, even though they know there was creepy stuff going on in the house before.

Sophomore Andy Block said, “At first this book was really interesting to read. In the beginning, it tells us who’s in the house and how and why they got to the house. As I’m still reading it and got to the middle of the book, it’s starting to get confusing and how is the author explaining what is going on in the house is starting to get confusing too, but I think it’s going to get better as I  keep reading and more interesting stuff is going to happen to the people and the house, but, yeah, hopefully the book becomes more interesting as I read the book.” 

Sophomore Fletcher Yates said he is also intrigued by Jackson’s book. “I really like this book and think it’s really interesting. I like the way the author explains things and some of the words and how she puts the words. Many people that read this book think it’s confusing because the book is written in the 90s, and so that makes it old and the way authors write books back than is different, but I read so many books in my life, so that makes any book easy to understand, but the people that don’t read books would think it’s confusing, but, yeah, I really like this book, and it’s enjoyable to read. In the middle it’s going to be boring, but as you get to the ending, a lot of interesting things happen.”

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