LEO Club beginning plans for spring

The LEOs Club is in its beginning stages at the high school. As an extension of the Lions Club, the group is preparing to spring into community work after Thanksgiving break. The club has not yet decided on a time or place to meet, due to forming not very long ago. So far the club has worked on setting up a structure and talked about goals.

The club was formed by two converging ideas. Senior Alex Goetsch wanted this club at the high school based on past experience with the Lions Club. He said, “I’ve done some work with the Cedar Falls Lions, and my grandpa is the president of the National Lions Club.” 

Separately, math teacher Zeb Nicholson had the same idea, which he shared with sophomore Olivia Martin. “I approached Olivia at the same time as Alex. Olivia had made some comment about the volunteer club, so I said, ‘What if I told you about this other thing?’” 

When Nicholson and Goetsch talked about it, that’s when things really got started. “He told me about it, and I was like, yeah, this is cool. Let’s get this going here at Cedar Falls, so me and him got together, and we got some other people on board too,” Goetsch said.

Currently the club is working on setting up a time to meet and assigning roles the students will assume. Junior Ivy Hemmer said that their goal is “just being active members in the community, especially at the school level where we can kind of get to where some older people can’t.” 

Although many similarities can be drawn between the LEOs club and the volunteer club, Goetsch said, “The volunteer club is more at the high school level, and we want to go to the next level, so we are looking for projects we can do to help others outside in the community.”

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