Those who missed last summer’s Nope can enjoy sci-fi scare for Halloween

Jordan Peele’s Nope showed in theaters around mid-July this year and has exploded into popularity.

Nope is a science-fiction horror movie that takes place in Agua Dulce, Calif., which is a mostly deserted community, hosting a few ranches. It tells the story of two ranch owners, Otis “OJ” Haywood Jr. played by Daniel Kaluuya, and Emerald “Em” Haywood, played by Keke Palmer, as they inherit the ranch after their father passed away from odd circumstances. They train and give out horses to the theme park “Jupiter’s Claim,” operated by Rick “Jupe” Park, played by Steven Yeun. 

As the story progresses, more odd occurrences take place along the ranch, including vanishing horses and electrical spikes. This then culminates when the Haywoods encounter what they believe to be a UFO in the sky. Throughout the rest of the film, the Haywoods do their best to capture the object on film, using the help of an electrician and even “Jupiter’s Claim,” but while this is going on, they begin to wonder if the UFO is an object or a creature. 

The movie did a great job keeping the viewer on their toes. Peele’s creativity can definitely be seen in the plot, and this film fits in greatly with some of his other works, such as Get Out and Us. The horror of the film comes in more on the psychological side, not so much on the jumpscare side, so for those who like horror though aren’t a big fan of constant jumpscares might enjoy this movie. However, some may not find the plot so appealing considering how outside-the-box it is. 

All in all, Nope is a very creative horror movie that’s perfect for those who like psychological horror. The film is incredibly well made and entertaining, always keeping the viewer guessing what’s going to happen next. The characters are very well portrayed by their actors and the isolated feel of the environment helps to set the tone of the movie. In total, Nope certainly will be a great watch, especially considering that Halloween is approaching.

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