The Sun and Her Flowers offers both emotional poems as well as artwork

The Sun and Her Flowers is a poetry book by Rupi Kaur. Kaur explains the heartbreak and healing of life in the form of a flower. Her analogy is the processing of wilting, falling, rooting and rising that a flower must do in order to bloom, as we too must do in order to live to the fullest we can. 

Kaur artfully expresses her personal experiences in the form of simple meaningful poems. She approaches sensitive topics with the utmost care. I believe that her goal is to give something for the world to connect to and learn from, as she expresses the mistakes made and how she healed when others hurt her. 

This book is an amazing short read that leaves you feeling emotional, in a good way. If you enjoy poetry and the occasional meaningful artwork, then The Sun and Her Flowers is for you.

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