Seventy graders have to adjust to middle school

When seventh graders move up from the elementary school are being faced with many new responsibilities including taking their Chromebooks home and the threat of detention if they get their work done. Another thing that is new to seventh graders moving up is that they have to change classes after each period, which traditionally isn’t something that they had to face at the elementary school. 

Seventh grader Gavin Rumsey said, “It can be difficult going from the elementary setting to the middle school especially with all the new responsibilities and expectations, but I think that it will be a good learning experience and a great way to get out there and make new friends.” 

Guidance Counselor Rebecca Lins said, “We try to have as many things in place to make the transition easier as we understand that it can be difficult with all the new responsibilities that students have. All these things include us going into the elementary schools and talking about what it would be like at Peet, and many parent student meetings, which all lead up to the end, which would be a boost.”

Lins one way to make the transition successful is to get involved in extracurriculars. “It is very important for students to get into extra activities like sports and arts because it will make the transition so much easier because it will put you out there with your peers and you can make new friends.”

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