Modern Warfare 2 looks promising in early stages

The new 2022 release of Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch on Oct. 28. This is a game set in 2022 when the world is recovering from the events of the prequel Modern Warfare 2019. Captain Price has formed an elite task force 141; they are on the hunt for an infamous terrorist. You will take over play from the team of 141, including Ghost, Gaz, Soap, Farah and Captain Price. 

So far what we have gotten for info about the game has been from interviews with Activision, trailers for the game and the limited time that players had to play the game in its beta state. In the beta gameplay, I was given the chance to play for about two days, and a total of 12 to 13 hours played, and in that time that I played, there was some great gameplay that I experienced on the PS5. There was almost no frame drop that I could tell from playing the game, they added old movement from the older releases from Activision like the old style of Dolfin diving that was a fan favorite for a while and now the new generation of players get to experience the old way of trick shots and fighting.

Gun customization could be better, in my opinion, having to use one gun to unlock a new variant like using an M4A1 to unlock an SMG, but I’m sure that people will get used to it. More things that could get fixed or changed are a lot of the bugs that have been seen from the two betas that have been released to the public—like with the one sniper that has been added so far being able to see through smoke grenades without using a thermal optic, or the bug where if you switch some of your controls for controllers you can slide cancel, which was a glitch that was kept from the first game but was supposed to be removed for this game, but was found in a glitch.

Overall, the game is looking fantastic, and I see almost no issues that will occur in the future that will have the game delayed for launch or have any recurring issues that will make the game unplayable for a certain number of players on PC, Playstation or Xbox.

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