Junior high traveling students making adjustments daily due to arriving late to classes

Students who travel between the junior highs and the high school have to leave early from one class and arrive late to another. It can be difficult for students to catch up on the class time that they miss.

The amount of time a student misses in their transition between one school to the other depends on if the bus is on time. When there’s a delay with the bus, students could be almost 15 minutes late to a class. “I usually miss about 15 minutes of class time when switching each day,” said Bela Hafermann, a 9th grade student at Holmes Junior High.

The students who travel between the schools need to put more effort into keeping up in their classes. “I usually have to do a bit more work in the classes that I switch from, like emailing the teacher,” Hafermann said. 

Teachers with the students who arrive late suggest that the students should make sure that they check in with someone to make sure they didn’t miss anything important. “Students who are proactive do not get behind when they leave for high school classes. Students who do not check in with the teacher, friends or Schoology do sometimes get behind with class,” said Jessica Hartz, an English teacher at Holmes.

Hafermann and Hartz both provided solutions to the problem. “Students should email their teacher or check Schoology for class time that they missed,” Hafermann said, and Hartz said, “The best thing that students can do to make sure they have the information they missed from class is to connect with friends in the class, the teacher, or by checking Schoology. Teachers should also update Schoology, and if a student missed an important part of class, touch base with that student to get them up to speed.”

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