Homecoming dance has stayed mostly consistent over years

Music pounding, lights flashing, feet aching from formal shoes, sparkling dresses with suits and ties. Themed costumes, casual T-shirts and tennis shoes. Depending on who you ask, their view on homecoming dances can differ in importance or styles. At Cedar Falls High School, many students are excited to dress formally and dance with their friends including Quinn Tessa Jenks and senior Nick Hudson. But the real question is, what was homecoming like in the past? Was it as formal as homecoming dances today? Were the dances just as popular? What did people wear?

Social studies teacher Andrea Aykens attended her homecoming dances freshman through senior year at MOC-Floyd Valley High School. In her school, the dance would be on Friday night, and almost everyone would attend to change up their routine, to go out and dance to Prince while having a good time. 

To get a more at home perspective, counselor Erin Gardner said during her 12 years of setting up CFHS homecoming dances, she has seen all kinds of students dressing in full costumes inspired by the theme or casual clothing to formal wear. Gardner also said attendance is getting much bigger in recent years. 

Math teacher Leah Jennings said that the dances were “the cool thing to do.” Everyone went to have a good time in casual clothes. Senior Evelyn Camargo is planning on dressing up in a formal dress to dance and talk with her friends.

Maybe homecoming isn’t that different today than the past. Just the people and the clothes change year round, but it is still an event to go to and to have fun as a high school student.

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